Monday, 23 August 2010

LCD arrived

My Sure Electronics DE-LD021 serial LCD has arrived, unfortunately no info on how to program it (yes I did a search).  They say it works with LCDSmartie, but there only seems to be a windows version of that.  Waiting for the reply from the manufacturer about the spec for commands.  I noticed that the PDF says to use LCDSmartie, a Winblows program to communicate with the display.  There was a linux version under development, but it got discontinued.  They just recommend LCDproc or something else.  The PDF says to configure LCDSmartie for 9600 baud communication and 'matrix' driver, so I tried the MtxOrb driver in LCDproc with the same settings.  Now I got something happening when I ran LCDd, but there was a fair amount of garbage on the screen, so I don't know if I've got the right settings.

As for the display, it looks nice.  Reasonably quality and viewing angle.  Its a little large, being larger than a 5 1.4 inch drive bay height which is what I was expecting from the picture, still both dimensions and even circuit diagram are in the PDF, so I could have checked.

All in all I'm quite happy if I can figure out the command-set.  I guess they don't want to advertise the fact that it's Matrix Orbital command-set for copyright reasons or somesuch.

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  1. Have you got any further with this?